The company adheres to the business philosophy of taking customer demand as the center and customer satisfaction as the goal, and constantly innovates in management, technology, products, engineering, service and other aspects, surpasses itself, provides high-quality products and better services that meet the requirements for the majority of users, and continues to serve China's electric power intelligent construction!
In the spirit of "quality first, service first, integrity first" concept, wholeheartedly to provide users with high quality products.
Our technical service system is sound and standardized, The customer service center of the company's headquarters is equipped with a full-time and experienced professional team of technical support engineers, who can be sent to various places for professional guidance, technical training, support and after-sales service at any time. In order to better serve customers, there are 7 professional technical service departments and 26 offices in China, covering 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and many professional departments in provincial capital cities The technical service engineer is stationed at any time to respond to the requirements of customers.
Our technical service engineers are computer software engineering, automation, electronics and computing technology and other professional graduates, of which college education accounted for 85%. With many years of working experience, familiar with the application of power system industry, and through strict training, familiar with the knowledge of power metering products, has rich experience in field technical service. In addition, the technical specifications of electric energy metering products have been strengthened, so that our technical service engineers have mastered the customer's demand for electric energy metering products and laid a solid foundation for technical services.
◆ Technical service system: it is composed of call center, application service group and research laboratory, forming a three-tier service system.
◆ On site service system: it is composed of sales departments and service engineers stationed in various provinces, keeping the closest space distance with users, and sending people to the designated site in the shortest time to solve problems for users.
Service commitment
1. 7 × 24 hot line: the company's headquarters and provincial sales departments have a 24-hour service hotline 7 days a week, which can solve the problems raised by users at any time by using the remote diagnosis function.
2. Whole process service: our company will provide the whole process service of engineering design, product supervision, inspection, civil engineering, installation, commissioning, acceptance, performance acceptance test, operation, maintenance and other corresponding technical guidance, technical cooperation, technical training and so on.
3. Installation training: according to the customer's actual installation requirements, send enough technical service personnel with engineering experience to the site for technical service, and be responsible for solving the manufacturing quality and performance problems found in the installation, commissioning and trial operation of the contract equipment. According to the user's needs, the product's technical performance, operation methods, problems in use and common troubleshooting methods can be done The explanation and training of students.
4. On site service: the company will respond to the product quality problems in construction and operation within 1 hour, and send experienced technical engineers to the site within 24 hours according to the distance of the location, and submit solutions within 3 working days to ensure the reasonable and satisfactory results to users.
5. Upgrade service: when the version of the system is upgraded, our company will provide a full set of upgrade services for free to ensure the continued use of the product. Upgrade services include: data backup; application upgrade; database upgrade; data recovery; upgrade training guide, etc.
6. Regular maintenance: during the service life of the product, our company will regularly monitor the use of the product remotely or on site, carry out preventive maintenance, and report the results to customers.