What industries can ULi’s laser soldering machine be used i


What industries can ULi’s laser soldering machine be used i

Soldering machines are common automation equipment in modern society. With the continuous development of modern electronic technology, information technology and CNC robotics technology, laser soldering machines have gradually become an important part of the welding industry, and the technology has become more and more mature. The use of soldering machines has increased the work efficiency of enterprises by 20%-80%. As the requirements for the welding process become higher and higher, artificial tin will be gradually eliminated. At present, automatic welding technology has become the mainstream trend of the industry.
Laser soldering machine

1. Automobile industry

ULiROBOTS laser soldering machines are commonly used in the automotive industry, such as car trunks. The trunk of the car is composed of a trunk cover and a rear panel. Since the forming has a 90-degree angle, it is most suitable for laser welding. The traditional main welding is carried out by MlG brazing, which is difficult to form a smooth weld and cause greater pollution. If laser brazing is used, the welding speed is high, the weld seam is formed well, the quality is stable, the galvanized layer burns less, and the deformation is small. The rod is a special shaped part. The traditional stamping method is very complicated, and the parts are easily deformed and stressed. The laser method does not require a complicated fixture system, has no processing stress, and has no cut deformation, and is more suitable for subsequent processing and installation.

2. Electronic components industry

Youli laser soldering machine is used for electronic components. Due to temperature sensitivity, many components that cannot pass reflow soldering and wave soldering, DIP packaged components, connectors, sensors, transformers, shields, flat wires, cables, speakers And motors, etc., all of these can be performed within the scope of the laser soldering machine.

3. Large mechanical products

Motorcycles, automobiles, ships, airplanes, satellites, etc.

4. Semiconductor products

LSI, IC, hybrid IC, CSP, BGA, etc.
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