As the core component of 5G base station construction, optoelectronic module plays an important role in realizing optoelectronic conversion.
For a long time, the optical module market has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers, especially in the field of high-end optical communication chips.
However, with the accelerated development of new infrastructure in China and the development of 5G industry, the number of domestic optical module market demand has gradually begun to increase.
In terms of 5G bearer technology solutions and industry research.
Dr. Tang, an optical transmission expert at China Telecom Research Institute, mentioned that 5G backhaul scheme is relatively unified, with the access layer mainly being 25G and 50G.
At the initial stage of construction, the bandwidth and capacity of 5G have not been expanded, while the primary backtrip of 25G can basically meet the demand. With the expansion of network scale and network concentration, 50G and 100G will appear in the access layer of the network.
In the future, 100G is currently the mainstream in the convergence layer and core layer.
As network size and network concentration increases, it may reach 400G in the future, and even WDM technology can be used to increase capacity.
ULS-81 Laser Soldering Machine with Closed-loop Control Optical Module:
Product overview:
The constant temperature precision laser solder is the standard welding equipment of our company, which is mainly composed of automatic tin point device/automatic tin wire feeding device, infrared real-time temperature feedback system, CCD coaxial positioning system, and semiconductor laser.
The constant temperature laser soldering software independently developed by the company can achieve hierarchical processing of processing parameters for different solder joints and different heights, and at the same time can monitor the completion of the operation in real time during the welding process.
PID on-line temperature adjusting feedback system, can control constant temperature welding, improve the welding yield and precision.
Product features:
1. PC control, visual operation.High definition CCD camera, optional Mark +DXFGEBER pattern or template matching mode, automatic positioning, to meet the requirements of high precision components automatic or online processing, reduce manual intervention.
2. Temperature control model with core technology, and the use of high-precision infrared temperature detector for real-time temperature feedback and control.
3. Non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, fast heating speed, small heat affected zone.
4. Laser, CCD, temperature measurement and indicator light are coaxial at four points, which solves the problem of multi-optical path overlap in the industry and reduces complex debugging.
5. Independently developed constant temperature laser soldering software to realize the call and processing of different parameters, convenient for customers to use.
6. The optical system, motion unit and control system are designed in a modular way to improve the stability and maintainability of the system. 
Applicable fields:Micro speakers/motors, connectors, cameras, PTH also direct plug components, PGAs (pin grid type electronic products), RFI field, connectors, hybrid reassembly components.