Engine sensor is an essential part of modern automobile. According to the position, it is mainly divided into crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor. According to the application technology, it is mainly divided into electromagnetic induction sensor, Hall effect sensor and photoelectric effect sensor.
The engine temperature sensor is installed in the water jacket or the coolant pipeline of the engine cylinder body, which is in contact with the coolant to detect the coolant temperature of the engine.Upon receiving the temperature signal, the ECU corrects the injection time and ignition time.
The advantages of laser soldering machine soldering engine sensor:
1. 10000 temperature feedback control per second laser heating process controllable precision soldering
2. High-speed thermometer can monitor the heating process in real time, and the solder quality can be controlled
3. High precision automatic wire feeding system, to meet the requirements of a variety of precision parts tin less than 0.1mm
4. It can be connected with the production system (MES), and the production data can be traced
5. Germany high quality inert semiconductor laser, stable energy output, long life