Since the cancellation of the 3.5mm jack of iPhone 7, the Bluetooth headset market has witnessed rapid development and various kinds of Bluetooth headsets have emerged in an endless stream. In particular, a TWS wireless Bluetooth headset has made consumers confused.
When it comes to TWS Bluetooth headsets, let's start with TWS technology.TWS: True Wireless Stereo stands for True Wireless Stereo. The realization of this technology is based on the development of chip technology.From its technical point of view, it refers to the mobile phone through the connection of the main speaker, and then the main speaker through Bluetooth wireless connection from the speaker, to achieve the real Bluetooth around the sound channel wireless separation use.When not connected from the speaker, the main speaker returns to mono sound quality.TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headset, so a new product -TWS Bluetooth headset has been born.
Since listed on the hot sales, production is often in short supply.However, many TWS Bluetooth headsets currently on the market are relatively expensive due to their high cost.
Although this kind of earphone has some disadvantages, but the convenience it brings to everyone is also a common bet, I believe that the future market potential is huge.However, in order to get a share of the pie in this industry, bluetooth headset manufacturers must constantly strengthen product performance, improve product quality, beautify product appearance design and reduce product price in order to be accepted by more users.
TWS Bluetooth headset in the production process of automatic soldering is a difficult point, not suitable for contact soldering iron, by the force of automation recommended you to use laser soldering machine.
Advantages of laser soldering machine:
1. It is suitable for soldering tin for small precision parts, and soldering tin workpiece is sensitive to temperature.
2. Fast heating speed, accurate positioning, can be completed within 0.2 seconds.
3. As long as the surface of the workpiece is kept clean, there is no need to use flux, and the secondary cleaning is exempted to ensure the service life of the workpiece to the greatest extent.
4. Non-contact welding, no static electricity generation.
5. The yield of solder is higher than that of ordinary automatic soldering machine.
6. Visual positioning system is suitable for assembly line production.